Why Choosing a Day After Wedding Photoshoot

bride portrait at sunset in santorini by phosart

Capturing the Magic!

Congratulations, you’re officially married! The whirlwind of your wedding day has come and gone,. But that doesn’t mean the magic has to end just yet. In fact, many couples are opting to extend the celebration by scheduling a day after wedding photoshoot.

couple on the black lava beach in santorini at sunset day after wedding session by Phosart

What is a Day After Wedding Photoshoot?

A day after wedding photoshoot, also known as a “day after session” or “trash the dress shoot,” is a photoshoot that takes place the day after the wedding. This gives the newlyweds a chance to capture more intimate and relaxed photos without the time constraints and pressures of the actual wedding day.

Why Choose to Do a Day After Wedding Photoshoot?

1. Relaxed Atmosphere

One of the main reasons couples choose to do a day after wedding photoshoot is to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. On your wedding day, there’s a lot of pressure to stick to a tight schedule and make sure everything goes perfectly. A day after photoshoot allows you to let loose, have fun, and truly enjoy each other’s company without the stress.

2. Different Locations

While your wedding day photos likely captured the beauty of your venue, a day after photoshoot gives you the opportunity to explore different locations. Whether it’s a picturesque beach, a lush forest, or an urban cityscape, you can choose a setting that reflects your personalities and adds variety to your wedding photo collection.

3. More Time for Creativity

With the time constraints of a wedding day, your photographer may not have had the chance to fully explore their creative vision. A day after photoshoot gives them the freedom to experiment with different poses, lighting techniques, and backdrops to capture truly unique and artistic shots. Many of the couples also do fun things like trashing the dress, either with colors or going in nature. The photos and videos are nothing short of spectacular.

4. Extend the Celebration

Your wedding day may have left some unforgettable moments forever captured memories. But that’s not reason not to continue adding candid and sweet moments without any of the stress of the wedding and the care for the guest. Just you and love enjoying the first day as husband and wife. Alexa and Tad chose a sunrise Day after session in idilyc Imerovigly, in the romantic Santorini Island. Discover their wedding in its intierty!